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Meet the

The Smith kids fell in love with the Goldendoodle breed and begged their parents to buy a puppy with a convincing appeal that Goldendoodles don't shed and are hypoallergenic. 

Maple was a Christmas surprise a few years ago.

Our doddle family has grown since then and we welcomed our second dog, Angel, into the family shortly thereafter and launched our breeding program excited to share this beloved breed with others!


Why we love what we do

Unlike puppies that are unsocialized, overbred and raised in kennels by inhumane backyard breeders, our pups are handled constantly and showered with affection.  Raising puppies is a collective family effort with our ultimate goal being to foster well-socialized pups, preparing them to become cherished family pets and adaptable companions for children.

To achieve this, we implement the Early Neurological Stimulation method. Right from their earliest, most impressionable days, we introduce our puppies to a captivating environment of varied sounds, textures, and stimuli. This deliberate exposure ensures their acclimation and adaptability, shaping them into ideal family pets.

Our Doodle parents are DNA tested and we also work very closely with our vet to ensure the healthiest litters. 

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