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Our spring 2024 litter is almost Easter-basket ready!! We're welcoming spring at the Smith household with the pitter-patter of tiny paws and enough puppy cuddles to go around. Mama Maple delivered a beautiful litter of 8 miniature Goldendoodles on January 30th. At Glittering Grace Goldendoodles, our pups are learning and gaining new skills every day and will be ready to go to their fur-ever families on Easter weekend!

As they reach their 5-week milestone, our adorable fur-babies have been busy learning and growing. They've graduated from their cozy whelping pen to a spacious playpen, where they can romp around, explore new textures, and play with an array of toys. Each day, they also enjoy downtime in their "den," helping them adjust to crate training – an essential skill for adaptation to their new homes.

Transitioning to solid food is an exciting step for our puppies as they begin to wean. We're also proud to incorporate Early Neurological Stimulation into their routine, ensuring they're confident and well-adjusted pups. From the gentle hum of a vacuum to the whir of a blender, our little ones are being introduced to various sounds, ensuring they're not easily startled.

Our furry friends are gearing up for their first adventures beyond the comforts of home. With deworming underway, they'll soon be embarking on "field trips," getting accustomed to car rides and socializing with new faces. Saturday morning strolls through Home Depot or Lowe's provides our pups introduction to stimulation and socialization to increase their intelligence and adaptability.

With Easter only a couple weeks away, we're eager to see these little loves placed in safe and secure homes. If you're dreaming of adding a bundle of joy to your Easter basket, "hop" to it! Reach out to Mandy directly at 803-446-9367 or to secure your spot in our reservation list.

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