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TODAY'S THE DAY! Today's the day!

Finally, the day we've all been eagerly counting down to has arrived! It's a day of immense excitement and anticipation as we unveil the next chapter in the adorable journey of our furry friends. At the ripe age of four weeks old, these precious pups are now ready to show off their true colors, unique personalities, and undeniable charm. Today is the day we open the doors to our "pick" list, allowing qualifying applicants to choose their future puppy companion.

newborn goldendoodle puppies

Why do we wait to open puppy pick list?

Let's be real – while we, as puppy enthusiasts, adore these little bundles from day one, we can't deny that the first couple of weeks might showcase a rather... well, rodent-esque phase. There's a certain undeniable charm in these early days that only a mother's love can fully appreciate. But its at the 4 week mark, when their eyes are open, their coats are coming in nicely and their personalities are starting to show that we open up the list to pick your puppy. At 4 weeks today, the first in line got to pick their pup.....

But before we reveal today's exciting pick, allow us to introduce you to each adorable member of this charming litter, each with their unique story and quirks. Meet our precious pups: Pascal - With his striking "tuxedo" markings and that lovely white patch on his chest, Pascal is a one-of-a-kind pup. His unique appearance puts him right in the running for the title of "most beautiful" puppy.

close up of new born goldendoodle puppy

Rajah - Meet the first lady of the litter, Rajah! She’s known for her “ look”, but don't be fooled - she’s incredibly good natured and affectionate but has masterfully nailed the “eye roll” that she’s learned from the teenage girls in our house. We've had a ton of interest in our two girls!

goldendoodle puppy with purple bow

Scuttle - The "fairest of them all" with his creamy coat that is looking curlier by the day. He will have a beautiful wavy, curly coat when it grows out. I mean look at those eyes! He’s a little heartthrob! Pretty passive personality thus far from what we can tell.

goldendoodle puppy - charleston breeder

Sven - has had a multiple inquiries and it's no wonder why. He and Scuttle almost look like twins with similar coats, but Sven's snow-tipped paws are so unique!! And a tiny tip of white on the tail is the cutest!

newborn goldendoodle puppy bred in charleston sc

Nala - the spirited runt of the litter. She’s small but she’s mighty! Tiny at birth, we watched her extra carefully early on and while she'll stay petite and pretty small when full grown, she's holding her own, instigating wrestling matches with her siblings and rocking the bow!

newborn goldendoodle puppy with pink bow

Gus Gus - is the chubby baby of the family. His name suits him. Love-able and comical, cute and cuddly, he's an old soul! He has a flatter coat that makes him look like the tiniest golden retriever.

goldendoodle bred in charleston, sc
Gus Gus

The pups are outgrowing their whelping pen and we've expanded their area to a bigger fenced off area of the den where they now have more space to romp and play. Our commitment to nurturing well-rounded and sociable pups begins right from the start. These puppies are introduced to a captivating array of sounds, textures, and experiences, ensuring they're well-prepared to be the ideal furry family members. Unlike pups raised without social interaction, our little ones are showered with affection and constant handling, setting them up for a life filled with love and adaptability. As they venture into the world beyond their whelping pen, they're ready for car rides and short field trips, eagerly absorbing the sights and sounds of the world around them. Now at 4 weeks, they're ready for car rides and field trips. We'll start taking them out on short outings to get used to being in the car and "overstimulating" environments (look for us in your local Home Depot on a Saturday morning!) The more sights and sounds the better. This helps condition puppies to be comfortable with car rides and people and other animals. When they get a little older, we'll end our puppy outings with a stop at Starbucks for a "pup-cup", but not just yet. They are still nursing exclusively and mama Maple is eating a TON to keep up with these growing pups! She has been an exceptional mama once again and we're so pleased to see how proud and protective she is of these sweet babies!!

group of newborn goldendoodles charleston, sc

Drumroll Please

So back to the purpose of this blog - who was the first pick today?

Sorry ladies, but Sven is off the market! Our sweet "Frozen" boy captured the heart of a sweet family who is local and will be welcoming him into a home with lots of kids to cuddle and play with! We couldn't be happier about the match!! Your Turn to Choose

Now that the "pick" list is officially opened up, we encourage you to get your applications in! We invite you to explore these precious pups, each with their own endearing qualities, and submit your applications. We’ll be allowing qualifying applicants pick their puppies now and we are so excited to see these little loves placed in happy homes! Applications secure your puppy of choice and they will be weaned and ready to come to your home Labor Day weekend with full vet screenings and health checks! Want to inquire about a specific puppy? Email us at Or you can access the application below:

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