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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The anticipation is building as we eagerly await the arrival of a new litter of adorable golden doodle puppies. Our beloved mama, Maple, is just one week away from her due date, and we couldn't be more thrilled. She's been showing all the signs of an expectant mother—growing heavier, feeling tired, and indulging in hearty meals. With each passing day, her preparation for the big day becomes more apparent as she nestles comfortably in her whelping pen.

goldendoodle puppy

This time, we decided to introduce a new stud, Paddington, to Maple, and we're curious to see how this pairing will influence the appearance of the puppies. It's always a delightful surprise to witness the unique traits and personalities that each litter inherits from their parents.

Maple has a remarkable track record when it comes to beautiful, healthy litters. In her previous litters, she typically birthed between 6 to 10 puppies, and we're excited to see what this particular litter holds. The range of colors, coat patterns, and charming features that golden doodles are known for leaves us eager to greet each precious puppy as they make their debut.

To keep our followers updated and to share the joy of this special event, we will be regularly posting updates and sneak peeks of the litter on our Instagram page, @glittering.grace. Make sure you're following us to be among the first to catch a glimpse of these adorable fur-babies!

For those who are interested in welcoming one of Maple's puppies into their family, we are now accepting deposits. As responsible breeders, we want to ensure that each puppy finds a loving and caring forever home. Therefore, "pick of the litter" privileges will be granted in the order in which applications are received and deposits are submitted.

Once the puppies arrive, they will be nurtured and cared for in our home, receiving all the love and attention they need to develop into happy and healthy pups, ready for their forever homes! We believe in providing a nurturing environment that fosters their growth and prepares them for their future families. By Labor Day weekend, these adorable pups will be ready to embark on their new adventure.

The journey of welcoming a new litter of puppies is truly a special experience that our family rallies behind. We are there from the moment of birth and support Mama, Maple as she raises these pups. We cherish every moment watching them grow and develop personalities of their own. Stay tuned for updates and join us in celebrating the joy and wonder of new life as we welcome Maple's litter into the world.

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