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Puppy Chronicles: Five Weeks of Furry Fun

The pups are FIVE WEEKS OLD!

Their time with us is flying by and we start to get a little sad about the fact that they'll be leaving us soon. We get so excited tho to see the families our pups get paired with and to learn more about the forever homes they'll be welcomed into! The little graduates have moved out of their whelping pen and into a larger enclosed area of our den where they have more space to romp and play now that they've found their feet and are more playful and active. We've introduced toys and love watching them tussle and "fight" over their favorite treats and toys. In our ongoing efforts to nurture well-rounded and adaptable pups, we've been introducing them to an array of sounds through our "desensitization" techniques. The pups are becoming familiar with the symphony of life - we give them time each day listening to recordings of the rumble of a vacuum cleaner, distant car horns, sirens, fireworks and traffic. This careful exposure, interspersed with the soothing strains of Mozart for brain development, ensures that your future companion is ready to gracefully acclimate to the symphony of sounds in your own home. Your puppy will be well rounded and easily acclimate to the culture and chaos of your home!

Next week is a big week. We'll be starting car rides and field trips to furthur promote adaptability and prepare them to be easy travel companions. Unlike many backyard breeders and inhumane "puppy mills" where dogs are overbred and neglected, our small litters are raised in the comfort and security of our homes with great attention to their development and adaptability. We love our pups and the constant handling they receive in our home sets them up to be exceptional pets and beloved members of the families that they join.


Now to a couple questions we receive regularly... Why choose a goldendoodle? Ah, the goldendoodle - a breed that blends intelligence and loyalty into one adorable package. The goldendoodle breed is known for being exceptionally intelligent. The "poodle" in their DNA makes them quick learners and the "Golden Retriever" in their blood is notoriously loyal and obedient. Goldendoodles make excellent family pets and are especially desirable for young children and elderly individuals wanting an affectionate, trainable pet. Our goldendoodles are miniatures and not expected to exceed 25 lbs (likely a good bit smaller). This makes them perfect house pets. Are goldendoodles non-shedding? Absolutely! These multi-generation goldendoodles are classified as low-to-non-shedding. Over our many litters, not one family has reported issues with excess fur. While shedding won't be a concern, remember that regular grooming is key to maintaining their luxurious coat. Regular brushing and visits to a professional groomer every eight weeks will keep your pup looking and feeling their best.

Is it the right time to get a puppy? As summer days begin to wane and fall routines take shape, the timing couldn't be better to welcome a puppy into your life. The weather is still pleasant enough for outdoor training, and we're already laying the groundwork for successful "pee pad training." With their innate intelligence, your new family member is sure to catch on quickly. When can puppies go to their new home? Make this a Labor Day weekend your family will never forget and welcome a puppy into your home! Are there still pups available? YES! We're accepting applications and placing puppies now! Send in an application or email us to inquire about which ones are still available. We are happy to chat about puppy personalities and help you decide which little love would be a good fit for your situation.

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